Monday, June 02, 2008

Care for the performing arts sector 512 operations show

Yesterday in West Kowloon in the world to be held at the Taiwan participation in the 500 artists and master of ceremonies Zhengyu Ling, Eric Tsang, Chen Baixiang, Wu Xiaoli, Zheng Qitai, and so on, all wearing black T-shirt and put on behalf of "hope" with the yellow and black plastic hand in hand with glue.

Despite the recent Hong Kong have intermittent rain, but during the show but the weather Fang Qing, unknown whether the victims of the worst feelings moving heaven, so God made the United States to the successful completion of the display.

Jackie Chan in a hurry after the start of the scene, he took office to appeal to everyone: "The most touching is the 1.3 billion Chinese on the same day to do the same thing, I believe that efforts can overcome all."

After other artists also have to share power, Liu Edward said the other day to the disaster areas, the ground is still in dire straits, but rescue workers have told them to go back, because there good risk. Hua Zi feel that they are still in the relief period to take account of their danger, love to see him!

Dawn on natural disasters is that you can not resist, but after natural disasters, human solidarity can we have a good fast-zhen-C

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