Monday, June 02, 2008

eijing Olympic Organizing Committee by Karen Mok

Karen Mok From busy day to her by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and the appointment of Yichang Sports Bureau yesterday to the Three Gorges Dam crest when the torch am honoured, but also became her most precious birthday gift.

Karen Mok said: "The Olympic Games is a global event, the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, had been involved in Beijing's Olympic 100-day countdown show and the opening of Sanya City, the country can be nominated, usually not open in the Three Gorges When the torch high dam, it is the glory of my life.At the same time tomorrow is my birthday, so the torch is my life's most precious birthday gift. "

Yesterday was the performing arts sector Disaster Relief show, Karen Mok Chuan yesterday because of flame that is representative of the love she spread throughout the land, the care delivered to victims in Sichuan there. In fact, in the earthquake, she used a variety of ways and means to support disaster relief, joint different partners for donation.

She said: "It was really quake Sichuan heartache that after the incident, I have been immediately with the cooperation of charitable organizations to contact for future long reconstruction project to make all preparations and arrangements. The future I will continue to remind me close to Friends, and I work together to help victims rebuild their homes. "

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