Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Li Xinjie partner with Luo Liang Shi

Tsui Hark new "deep search" will be in China and Hong Kong in mid-simultaneous exhibition, this time by Li Xinjie partner with Luo Liang Shi, the two video confrontation that occurred after the first bloody incident.

As for the Xinjie said: "This show is really good thriller, because Isabella half of my National Cheng Kung University who has pushed to Street, and I have only one hand Fuzhu, the moment I really have the feeling of jumping off a building. After almost made a film inverted A 10-minute, also on a scaffolding leveraging come forward, although the film before I give dumbbell training Bili, but because I own a Weigao, the Paiwan hands are soft. But this time find themselves after the actors have the potential to do action, Feeling very happy. "

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