Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hua Zi and Andly Lau With the Beijing Olympic Tourch

Andy Lau to the Sichuan disaster relief, the last busy, it also contribute to heart. Completion of the "512 Action love the show," the Huazizuozao and Sanya to attend a disaster relief fund-raising activities, the more will have their own Olympic torch to donate for auction, the final chip to 1.9 million.

However, Hua Zi later spent 750,000, invested another torch, can regain their hearts, and money can do good things. Huazi the torch to donate their fund-raising auction, with bidding opened 1000000, 1900000 contract to the end. As for whether or not satisfied with this bid, that he can not use money to measure, the most important thing is this money can help children adjust to the psychological. Han Yan auction and the torch of 50 million, the torch of Zhao Yu-ying, even by Hua Zi to 750,000 won.

Hua Zi explain his life because people will only have a torch, he actually is not willing to, but you can donate to continuing concern about the disaster, has a double meaning. Now he has this to the torch on behalf of the Chinese, think more representative. And his own when the torch is donated to children, the representative of their lifetime commitment, "you have me, please be assured" means.

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