Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tony Leung on the widely rumored

Tony Leung on the widely rumored that he and Liu Jialing wedding for the various speculations, including Hong Kong in October Baijiu.

July 21 in Bali wedding held yesterday in the "Chibi" at a press conference on January 1 that asked about the wedding And locations of all his "unknown" to answer.

Asked him if he later announced » He said: "The unknown, all arrangements are under consideration.

(Do you want marry Ka-ling») when we will know, I know will be speaking. "

Hong Kong film actor advocacy group, hosted a banquet the evening of Weizi everyone, that is to celebrate his marriage, in addition to video director, an actor he is the only Hong Kong people, the people coming here and Members hard goal for the end of filming, so they eat.

Asked whether he and Ka-ling in the preparations for a wedding, he said: "The views will have, have not been concluded. (Do you have disputes») is not, I have been at work, how can there be time to question the work is completed Would like to get married before the matter. "

I do not know what marriage means

He said that in mid-July after the suspension of work preparation for marriage, said today he wanted to go to Beijing propaganda, there are after Shanghai, Taiwan and other places, to be completed in Japan last leg of publicity, is the August issue. Is it only to the preparations for the wedding » "By that time preparations for the" generation master. "(In Japanese marriage») unknown how, to complete plans to consider further publicity. (You get married - will be announced ») not to, this is not me, and I do not have been high-profile announcement."

Guitar-they have already got married, he again denied that: "No, a word that I will inform you." When asked whether it is registered, he did not answer. Was asked again when we notice » He said: "I do not know, I said that this year will get married, the problem is I do not know when to use what manner."

On return to "Chibi" The film, and plasma TVs Weizi a bedroom scene, after the last "color, warning" the only soup and the passion play, he Xiaowei this is trivial, because John Woo in this regard Very subtle, never Paiguo bedroom scene, but eventually completed successfully.

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