Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Adidas made for Beijing

Andy Lau appointed earlier by the SAR Government for non-official JP, the first time yesterday to Huazi "MH Justice of the Peace" status to attend the Times Square in Causeway Bay at the Adidas made for Beijing "for Beijing build the" Olympic products exhibition . Hua Zi that will perform the duties of JP, such as visits to listen to complaints of prisoners and the public, such as work, but as a Justice of the Peace will not affect his movie.

Apart from yesterday to attend activities of the Hua Zi, there are Timothy FOK, fencing and table tennis athletes Zhouzi-Chi-Li Jing margin, Ko Lai-chak. The General Assembly on the spot donated 500,000 yuan to Andy Lau charitable funds for helping victims in Sichuan. At the same time double-running shoes to the Songliao Yi Hua Zi. At the meeting, Hua Zi and ping-pong and margin-spot with Zhouzi-Chi of fencing, Hua Zi's performance than the ping-pong-good margin.

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