Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tang Yu Zhe album "D-Xingnan"

Taiwan's popular idol Tang Yu Zhe yesterday for the album "D-Xingnan" signature will be held, attracting 300 fans arrived at the scene support. Tang Yu Zhe Wang Lower East Side to talk about the "broken back" scandal, Xiao Yan to take the feeling of nausea in the lump.

Tang Yu Zhe shopping centres in Tsuen Wan, a signature will be held, a large number of fans at the scene Nazhu brand-name support. Tang Yu Zhe addition to performances, and on the spot and the fans playing the game, the winners will be with him to embrace the opportunities. During the reception, Tang Yu Zhe step down with the big picture video fans, the fans crazy pushing risk pushing down the railings, the scene was very chaotic.

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