Tuesday, July 01, 2008

China's product quality electronic monitoring network

Andy Lau should AQSIQ solicitation as "China's product quality electronic monitoring network" image of public service spokesman, the Chinese government to strengthen supervision of product quality and safety of publicity speak, at least 1.3 billion impact on the life of Chinese people and 50 trillion of safety. Hua Zi to be this heavy responsibility, respect very honoured, but also fully support the Government Code to strengthen the regulation of electronic product quality and safety. In order to enable consumers to understand what is electronic monitoring code words to make more use of advertising performance, and should demand a positive lens, side, bust and body…… perspectives, with a line to say that on more than 10. Hua Zi says with a laugh: "This is my Paiguo speak up if the ads."

Patriotic dedication

In order for the whole of society as soon as possible to understand and are familiar with electronic monitoring code products, quality inspection departments and the General Administration of the State Council in accordance with the requirements, on the one hand intensify efforts to promote and strengthen efforts to publicize the one hand, then speak your candidate is an important subject, Related departments unanimously thought Andy Lau. AQSIQ official said: Andy Lau in the Asian region has great influence on his work, patriotism, people of integrity, caring, and actively join the public welfare undertakings, whether human or all of its domestic social work Class of people of all ages left a deep impression. From his public image as spokesmen, in a broad social impact, and accelerate electronic monitoring network to further promote the smooth implementation. General Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision said no reward for the public service ads speak, Andy Lau, without hesitation agreed to take over one, it is admiration and gratitude.

AQSIQ invited the famous film director Wang Xiaoshuai, the director also asked Hua Zi wearing apparel Zhongshan Zhuang shooting. Wang director said: "Zhongshan Zhuang Hua Zi wearing British Gas's image of integrity and the demands of the advertising agreement." As a result, Hua Zi also ordered the two sets of gray, black Zhongshan Zhuang.

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