Friday, July 04, 2008

Guinness Book of artistic Kong Zhu Ying-Olympics

Yuan and Ming Yang Gongru site yesterday at the "Guinness Book of artistic Kong Zhu Ying-Olympics", during which a fancy Kongzhu performances, and the subsequent Yuan Yang Gongru site with the best, but Gong such as playing chicken on hand duck feet.

Yang Gongru recently shipped honey, and the tutorial industry, "pirated Zhengyi Jian" dating, Gong said that if her boyfriend and later travel to Australia, the recent happy event of a single entertainment business to a single, Kelly Chen, Mo Shaocong, such as marriage have asked Whether to pull buried skylight .

She expressed the hope that initially, was later said not to say so. When asked whether next year marriage.

Gong such as: "may, (Lightning marriage) it will not be lightning, himself did not go to plan. "For a magazine that Mao Yuping parole from prison, Gong said that if the reports have not read it, she just does not Stopped that no response. When asked whether hope that Zhou Zhengyi released from prison as soon as possible » She said: "I hope you do not ask these questions." When asked whether or not have passed, do not want to talk much about » She said that not only can not hear and respond to.

Yuan Ming-site impact of the image that Cuicui

Another of the explosion was Cuicui bought a luxury flat two units, although she argued that the stock speculation earn money, but a magazine accusing her of speculation »shares were Tibao stresses lying, and do not have the Yuan-Mi said:" that was not possible, do not have to Consider is obviously a perfunctory answer to the public and the media. Before I was so jealous she, I have good aggrieved. To do this for people who can name, for quick cash, my name is not just for the money. This high-profile Will smear the female stars that everyone at a dinner. "Yuan Ming and indemnity of a sentence, with the exception claimed aggrieved, and said it should be low-key" act ", because glory is not always matter, and that this would affect female artist Image. Yuan Ming asked whether the site is that the other party is such a person » She also retained by the said: "ignored, the money point ah» ignore is not a man, a word some people, after we get to the bottom, do not say no basis for lying. "

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