Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jin Chengwu in the film "Chibi"

Jin Chengwu in the film "Chibi" period, because of his views on a lot of Chuan, director John Woo did not bite with the string, it will be more than the absence of local publicity. Who attended yesterday's press conference, he said that did not meet with the director embarrassing, and all that is only hearsay, he directed with good feelings.

Jincheng Wu said: "I started the first day, Zhang told a lot of dialogue, but directed us to first rehearsal, give me space to play, so I look at the idea, after it becomes the way we communicate." He also Although the film that his only opera, not a drama, but the pressure is acting purely great, but when that other actors in Dare Tian-wear armor, he is very grateful to God.

The interview with Zhang Zhen, also known as Jin Chengwu is very own idea of actors, directors are very willing to accept the views of the actors who have their own communication with the director, but everyone in different ways, with too many people filming the scene, To the director in complete control of the scene is not easy.

Hu did not notice then married friends

They mentioned last night-there is a party to celebrate Tony Leung marriage, Jincheng Wu said that simply because we are too busy at the movie, the arrival of Hong Kong, Zhu Renjia Weizi to eat as we please. Weizi - on the marriage, they are reading newspapers Cai Zhi, if it is true he would send red packets for gifts. Q received no notification wedding, they said did not know.

Hu Jun and Weizi, Liu Jialing are good friends, he has not received notice they married, but the evening meal have wished Weizi marriage, he said: "They are in a confidential stage, I do not know , Is in preparation. "He said that this has not yet come to Hong Kong to see Ka-ling, if they get married, will be ready to congratulate the wedding gifts.

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