Friday, July 18, 2008

Freeze shooting new song "Shibaza" MV

Freeze a beach in Sai Kung night shooting new song "Shibaza" MV, three-to sexy samba modeling on the beach Datiao samba dance and dance are spicy. Since they form one of the samba, a sexy, as Kennedy put on a ratio as in the scene when the shooting meat-full. In addition to Freeze and three women, there are other samba girls and Mengnan together with their shooting, during those Meng Nan won the women do more difficult moves. However, because of hot weather, when the Freeze after a jump, has been sweating all over, constantly said: "Skip to the wetland drying."

Because of this MV much attention, clothing costs alone have spent 50,000$ , and as the owner of a set Hsiao Caodao do more personally directed, but also to Freeze has a high demand Fortunately, their cooperation has been a long time, already a tacit understanding, Finally able to successfully complete the shooting. Shi Yong-pear sudden shouting hurt during the filming "womb", later clarified that the toes, as a court of sand hurt.

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