Friday, July 18, 2008

Twins launch the new book "single. Pro. Love"

Twins ( Ah Sa ) will be launched this year in the new book "single. Pro. Love" at book fair, Ah Sa is the same for a number of single-parent families grow up in a friend write sequence, one of which is Gillian Chung, and the sequence on Gillian Chung most impressed her. Gillian Chung said the sequence with their families there have always been divide, but also do not know how to communicate with their families. But into the entertainment business, that family is always close to his.

Gillian Chung very happy composition of the Twins, the more "family" care, such as Ah Sa mother with her father's personal eating together will take care of. She recalled that the first time a concert and attend the prize presentation ceremony, Ah Sa Dad know that they do not know how to speak, they each wrote a draft, then it is good warm, suddenly feel the father's feelings.

Ah Sa While growing up in single-parent families, but she did not feel happy, she read the sequence Gillian Chung that writing this book is right, because there are a lot of families, especially single-parent families, both adults and children Less communication. She expressed the hope that their method of communication with his father to share with you, but also for single-parent families reference. This book deducting the necessary expenditure, all the proceeds will be donated to a charity.

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