Friday, July 18, 2008

Joey Yung shooting wide variety of sports and serve as spokesman

Joey Yung Broadway this year continue to serve as spokesman for the earlier shooting wide variety of sports as the theme of television and print ads.

To show Zuer enjoy a superior physical strength, will be directed at one go bowling, roller blade, give super dumbbell, swim, riding a motorcycle all the elements included in the advertisement, the advertiser invited specially designed hand red, blue, purple, gold 4 Explosion sets of costumes with flash performance.

The shooting lasted a few dozen hours, Zuerpaiwan immediately after "a body of drying powder." The smooth and straight hair and head bob shape not only make us very pleasant surprise, in particular played a more elegant roller blade away.

In order to best take effect, Zuer have a free will have taken the trouble to put on roller blade practice, her extraordinary efforts on the more exciting, more thought hope that the self-roller blade to follow a jump of the dance.

When the director moved out of the motorcycles, no motorcycle license plate of Zuer curious jumped to a simulation of a variety of the driving position, the official shooting, Zuer to tear on the vehicle of the special stem Wet jacket to motorists, professional Lila completed her crisp action.

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