Sunday, July 06, 2008

Li Wan wanted to marriage

Fishing family in an interview that the 01 they have made divorce, but only three-year-old son, and they also want to save the marriage, so to nothing, but also feeling better off, but because he transferred to Work in the Mainland, with their families-from the small, encountered problems when he does not want to bring home to discuss with his wife, gradually we will not know each other's life, also more and more distance, even the method of communication is not an argument, So they will sit down calmly to the dumping, the final agreement on separation, divorce proceedings this year will do.

After the divorce, they were both relaxed, Fang Min-identification is a more direct relief, but she is still concerned about fishing, and hope that he pay attention to their health, do not drink too much wine. Fishing family on the hope that the divorce will not affect the matter son, do not want their son to become Zhuifang object.

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