Sunday, July 06, 2008

Yen-shooting convenience Mohan

Prudence has been more than 20 years since the statement did not make a film, on a work is the "Law Zhongqing." Asked a film can not accustomed » She said: "there are not accustomed to, and did not shoot before the elements do not know. (Have not thought about next?) Herman (director Herman Yau) is my good friend, so he has a good script I Ngam, their scripts are good Diwan Zhongyi Before I left Hong Kong, he remarks, and so I came back first shot, first-class to three years, good and sincere. "

Prudence played in the film "Street level", yesterday to look Yen-shooting, she said: "No way, but then started hot weather SIN uncomfortable, Zhongyi, hand block had to face." Shot before the film company with two arrangements Prudence Sex workers to talk to, she said: "I would like to know why they would drug use, to know that kind of feeling that will not fresh, fresh End will, see End of the role of good help, this will also deepen understanding."

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