Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nicholas Tse Ting-Ting Xie joined the entertainment business

Follow the step brother Nicholas Tse Ting-Ting Xie joined the entertainment business, yesterday and Wu Yu Fei (Kary) and models Cara G. attend a skin care to share, talk about personal skin care for all. The media has always been impressed by the Ma Ma Tingting, initially through the public relations that does not accept the visit, but then selectively only for a visit, not the electronic media visit.

For her decision to join, she said that parents are supported yesterday that her father XIE Xian to attend the activities, loquat sent to her a voice, teaching her to slow down and speak clearly Articulation. As Tingfeng against her entry, she said: "I seldom see my brother, if we really join, I will formally sit down with his family to the dumping.

(Tingfeng that if you join after the collision plate, you would not mind looking for him, he may feel that Very bad) will not, but Mummy has said that a child will not see me step by step, I also think that boards do not necessarily have to hit only learned things, we are not good stupid.

(But worry about whether it will adhere to entry and And his brother negative ) will not be, he said I must listen, my brother is against the entry into the line after he was non-stop with people, even into the line and I will be with the people, can not respectively.

(Will called his brother Helper Road ride for the company ) will not, I now have not approached other companies."

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