Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The TVB Beijing port Olympic Games direct seeding room oversea worshipped the ceremony

“The TVB Beijing port Olympic Games direct seeding room oversea worshipped the ceremony” yesterday in the wireless TV city hold, this worshipped in once together with Beijing's video recording factory, Leo, Alex Fong, Pan Zong Ming, Lu Shi Yun and Ye Cui Cui and so on in Hong Kong TV city, but Chen Bo Xiang, Yang Si Qi, Zhang Jia Er, Han Yu Xia and Ma Qi Ren is in Beijing, in once managed worships the ceremony.

The gold medal changes the body does not fear minute thin

Leo said it gathered a lot of information, on August 18 birthday, he will spend birthday in Beijing, But in an interview with unknown what, if so Liu Xiang complies to be able to make the interview with him, the wireless also doctrine theory interviews by him.The gold medal announcement purchases the EMI inland, Hong Kong and Taiwan three place subsidiary companies, Leo thought that this is worth happy, now the company size has increased, believed that certainly will have more plans. But has so many Taiwan singers to join now, does not fear the resources thinly by the minute? Leo not believe that, each singer be able to go all over all Chinese people area, in addition various people have the different market and the characteristic, he thought that the company will gather many singers to be better. Alex Fong meets the main force report swimming project at the appointed time, purchases EMI regarding the gold medal, before the small squares refer to, Paco Huang bai gao at the birthday meeting also has raised, but is also called everybody not to use the worry, certainly before is better.

Lu Yun Shi recognized father of money behind teeth

Pan Zong ming this returns to Hong Kong by Canada to preside over the Olympic Games program specially, after Olympic Games, will leave port. He refers to this time returns to Hong Kong is speaks the heart not to speak the gold, has made the sports two several years throughout, also hoped that has many prestige Shui Shi jiang to listen to the son. Moreover, had recently reports Dow Jones Index Lu Shi yun taking advantage of the father 100,000 Yuan band teeth, she acknowledged that the money is give by daddy for band teeth, she regretted why such late only then bind rounds. As for is referred to tidies up, after she refers to very many person of band teeth, also will change, various person of opinion will also have the difference, but present many people approved her to dress up.

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