Sunday, August 24, 2008

Amber Guo’s first drama “Invincible Shan Bao Mei”

“Invincible Shan Bao Mei” is newcomer Amber Guo’s first drama, and she has Ethan Ruan and Qiao En to help her make a breakthrough. In the first episode, she must reveal her entire back, but she has a substitute to stand in for her during that scene. Yesterday, she denied any rumors of being “privileged” and said, “The cast is very thoughtful in protecting artists.”

To maintain the high ratings of “Fated to Love You”, SETTV invited Ethan and Qiao En to participate in the new drama. The 2 will still play their roles in “Fated to Love You”. Ethan will first go to the Shan Bao Mei’s roast meat shop to buy lunch, then Qiao En bumps into Shan Bao Mei at the lingerie shop, and they try on lingerie together. The 2’s baby “Ji Nian Ri” will also appear in the drama.

Amber plays a girl who has biceps and is flat-chested in the drama. To make her breasts bigger, she goes and buys a machine, but then bumps into Nicholas Teo, who witnesses her bare back. However, Amber has a substitute to stand-in for her during that scene. The first time filming, she already has a substitue; Amber yesterday denied rumors of being “privileged” and said, “This was already decided before filming, the cast is very thoughtful in protecting artists, I don’t need to worry at all.”

In the drama, Nicholas Teo plays narcissistic Sun Wu Di, who owns a restaurant. Nicholas laughed and said, “The character I play is very different from myself. One time, I had to say Wang Ba Dan (bad word in Chinese) but I just couldn’t say it at all and NG many times. Even the director got very annoyed.”

Roy Chiu plays a single father in the drama, and this is his first time playing the role of a father. For the drama, he even specially went to learn cooking. He said, “At first, I burnt all the bean sprouts, and at the end of my practices, my fingers were covered with blisters!”

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