Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng held their birthday party

Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng held their birthday party together last Sunday with more than hundreds fans. This was the sixth time that they held their birthday party together. When both of them received cakes and gifts from their fans, what made Tavia Yeung was there are fans that brought their exam results for her and there are grade A in it. She smiled and said that it is the best birthday present for her. As for her birthday wish, Tavia Yeung hopes for good health for her family and herself, as her health condition has deteriorated recently.

As for this sixth time of combined birthday party with Ron Ng, she is happy, feels like growing up together with Ron Ng, both of them have close understanding.

The will she be having a relationship with Ron Ng?
She immediately shakes her head, to indicate that she will not.

When asked is it because of the rumors of Ron Ng?
Tavia Yeung disagreed, she explained that they know each others too well, which is more like a sister-brother relationship and furthermore she is 2 years older than Ron Ng, thus she would not want to have an elder sister-younger brother relationship.

She praises Ron Ng as a good man and she does not believe in those rumors, she regretted that she is older than him.

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