Thursday, August 21, 2008

“Moonlight Resonance” popularity has risen.

Fung’s popularity has risen due to the airing of “Moonlight Resonance”, recently he was interviewed by Lam Pak Hei (a radio show host from Metro Radio).

When Fung spoke about his love life, he openly admitted that he would like to be in a relationship. He has also met a girl that he has a favourable impression on, but ultimately he will not take action. The reason is because he’s too busy so he cannot spend a lot of time or energy on it, and it would not be satisfactory for the other person. Plus he is a person who desires perfection, so he will often point out the other person’s shortcomings. So everytime he picks a girlfriend he will be very careful, and he’s also afraid that once a relationship happens the feelings will be different from before. Also, he’s very insecure, which caused his love life to be currently empty. He also said he would like his future partner to be a traditional girl, of course he would like a beautiful girlfriend, but feeling comfortable with her is the most important.

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