Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Film "connected" press conference.

Yesterday, Louis Khoo, Barbie Xu , Wong Cho Lam, Zhang Jiahui, Nick Cheung, Louis Fan and director Benny Chan, attended the film "connected" press conference. In the broadcasted movie trailers, show that the Barbie xu is a single mother with strong resistance when encountering difficulties, this is the first time the Barbie and director Benny Chan and Louis Khoo cooperated, she is had some worries. However, the director is very gentle, and he gave her great drama challenges. Barbie also revealed that she has read before the director's works and found that he shooting style is very creative. After the cooperation, the director has developed her potentials; I believe that after this film I’m more confident now。 When she knew that Louis is the leading actor, she was excited and looking forward to. However, in the scene, they rely on telephone contact with each other. There was only one rival scene, a great pity.

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