Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Would like to make comedies with Benny Chan.

Louis said that the majority shooting is a one person acting, but he better than Barbie, because his shootings are after Barbie’s, which gave him a better reference. He also said the most difficult part is to talk while driving, as it is illegal to do so in Hong Kong. He thought -free hand use for mobile handsets, but is the same as epilepsy, He feel like talking he’s to himself. Having the second of cooperation with Benny Chan, the comedy "Rob-B-Hood" which has been good experience as everyone is happy. As for action drama, Louis said frankly that he was a bit nervous.

Barbie mentioned in the interview that the film making was memorable and fun. Furthermore, she felt great physical and psychological breakthrough. However, during the filming period, she had to chair the Taiwan programme. Thus , often she finds herself forgetting one her role and had to re - Think about the process. Barbie also said that the director requested her to use Cantonese, but she was not in proper Cantonese standards Eventually she had to use Mandarin. Although, she did not need practice, but she thinks Cantonese is right now pretty cool. Barbie reveals also that she will be hosting a dance show, when it comes to asking her to dance? She said no, if the ratings were bad, then only she will consider doing so. Frankly, she admitted that she loves to dance with her sister back in the old days. For the role she wishes to take most? She says that she wants to make Western-style zombie films- as a zombie slayer.

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