Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rumor with Toby is a joke

Fans of Ron Ng who attended his birthday party came from the whole world, including from Canada, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and lots more. Ron Ng’s best birthday gift was a movie clip made by his fans, which is a photo collection of him as a freshman in the entertainment industry till now, which is very thoughtful.

His birthday wish for this year is good health and avoids being the center of rumors. He also feels that he has a close understanding with Tavia Yeung, after knowing her for 10 years and having the same constellation with her but they will not get into a relationship.

Besides that, there is a report mentioning that Ron Ng had a relationship with Toby behind his rumored girlfriend, Charmaine Sheh and Toby admitted at her facebook that she is in a relationship with Ron Ng, where both she and Ron Ng’s intimate photo was posted but Ron Ng denied that relationship.

He pointed out that he never involved in facebook and that photo is from the drama “Men In Pain”, he hopes that everyone will not get cheated by it. He mentioned that he knew Toby before he got into the entertainment industry and he will assume that the report as a joke.

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