Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Leo Ku received Short Message (SMS) from Liu Xiang

As Liu Xiang’s best friend, in which Liu Xiang pulled out from the match, Leo Ku expresses that he has console him through mobile phone earlier and he received a reply 2 days ago: “I am now recovering, I know that everyone is worried and supporting me, I am really thankful for them.” As for the rest of the contents, Leo Ku is not comfortable of revealing it. As for the rumor of him and Hacken Lee, he does not know anything about it, he mentioned that it is just a fake story which is not true. He is friendly with Hacken Lee and he feels that Hacken Lee is a suitable host for the opening ceremony as he is a senior, who has more experiences. When Leo Ku explained about the rude commenting matter, Hacken Lee helped out and replied: “He is skilled in singing in artificial voice.” Leo Ku mentioned that he lost control of his voice as he was emotional at that moment and thus he will be careful during the closing ceremony. While Anna Yau was being asked about the matter of Tracy Yip Chui Chui who was being questioned by the upper levels, she replied that it is not for her to comment on other’s matters. As for the end of the Olympic Games, she misses it and thus does not care about people’s rumors.

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