Sunday, September 07, 2008

Amber Kuo "Battle of the flat chest girl"

Why is a B cup causing another B cup difficulty, Rainie Yang leading CTS's "Miss No Good" today will enter the weekend idol drama battle, heading towards the currently leading drama of TTV and SETTV's "Invincible Shan Bao", explained as also a B cup; Amber Kuo "Battle of the flat chest girl", Rainie yesterday also said at the premiere "break the ratings seat!"

Idol drama "simple girl makes initiative" is a popular topic, first it was "Fated to Love You"'s posted girl Joe Chen Qiao En, then "Invinsible Shan Bao"'s flat chest ghost Amber Kuo attracting news, Rainie also in "Miss No Good" has exagerated styles, talking excitedly, and a mouth full of "Taiwanese mandrin", portraying a really ugly herself.

Rainie confidently says: "This accent is idol drama female lead first person." But has also said flat chest girl, and other characters she has acted before, promoting "Miss No Good's" subject is fresh, hinting between words "Invinsible Shan Bao" and even with proud words saying this Sundays idol drama rating will "have to re-shuffle the cards" with the addition of "Miss No Good"!

Later Rainie did say she's actually never seen "Invinsible" as for head on drama with ex-love Roy Qiu, she said coldly: "Isn't this drama's leading male Nicholas Teo?" words with a bit of gunfire, quickly saying she "gives best wishes" to this drama.

The drama isn't even on yet, because Rainie is too focused in the drama, therefore she wasn't able to sleep for 7 days with so much pressure.

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