Sunday, September 07, 2008

The cast of "Moonlight Resonance"

The cast of "Moonlight Resonance" Louise Lee, Susanna Kwan, Ha Yu, Lee Heung Kam, Chow Chung, Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui etc attended the event "Golden songs welcome Mid Autumn". As well as celebrating the good ratings for the show which reached 37 points, they also celebrated Louise Lee and Chow Chung's (who plays Louise and Susanna's father) birthday and presented them with a big Birthday cake. Ha Yu kissed Louise Lee wishing her Happy Birthday and Susanna kissed Chow Chung who is about to become 76 years old. They both had the same wishes which was to have good health.

When the event was about to end, the cast went off stage and presented the audience with Moon cakes. A mid aged man who took photos with the cast did not want to leave and attacked the security guards. In the end he was carried away. The man was crying and yelling saying he wanted to kill the security guards and complain about the security. The police arrived to calm the man down. Louise Lee said she felt very unhappy that such an incident occured. During the time she was very shocked. She felt that the man attacking the security guards was wrong but then again she was very worried about his safety. The Chinese lunar calender August 13th is her birthday. Since a very young aged she has always advised to delay celebrating her birthday on that date and would rather celebrate the occassion 2 days after. As long as she celebrates Mid Autumn with her family then she will be happy. She hopes she has good health and will become stronger, while accepting more work opportunties. It will be even better if she can stay awake for over 30 hours and have no rest.

Susanna Kwan was also shocked by the male fan. She believes that because he had seen so many faces and crowds he became extremely excited. But she felt he didn't have the intention to harm anyone. As for her revealing she had feelings for her lesbian friend Willy earlier. The reporter said she was very brave in discussing about it. She replied by saying she was not brave and it was just a part of life. Not anything special. She personally doesn't like to lie about things. But she felt she said too much so she will not mention it now. (Asked whether her friend complained?) She laughed "Lets not say anymore".

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