Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Angie Cai's new drama " 王子看見二公主 "

Acting ugly for comedy purposes has become the next in thing in idol dramas. Dylan Kuo has quickly caught up with the trend and in Angie Cai's new drama "王子看見二公主", he's going to be idiotic. Director Winnie even set rules "Do not show me that deep and serious look again!" However, Dylan has the habit already so in the first day of working, he actually NGed over 20 times.

"王" was filming it's opening theme yesterday and Dylan had to comb his hair high up, revealing the forehead, becoming the male version of Rainie Yang. Originally, the script needed him to curl his hair but he was reluctant and it changed to just Afro-hairstyle. Dylan is acting as a stupid and dumb geek in the drama and will be working with Miao Ke Li and Bai Yun who are both very comical people. He originally thought that he would need alcohol to open up but in the end, once he was filming, he started to relax and even when Miao Ke Li accidentally kissed his lips, he replied glibly "Miao Jie is really very pretty!"

"王子看見二公主" hasn't even filmed for a month but it will be taking over "Miss No Good" on 14th December and using the film while it air style. However, the director happens to be "slow" director Winnie Huo so won't there be the problem of not enough scenes? Yesterday, Winnie smiled and said "I can be a fast director too." He said that in the past, scenes that needed the car to film, now he can even use a tricycle to film. He described the drama as "Pi Li Huo + My Home is Your Home + It Started with A Kiss". It is making everyone crazy.

Others think that Dylan doesn't have the comical feel but Winnie said that "He's a natural comedy actor. When he's talking, he will suddenly get stuck and his laughter is very weird too." This time round, Winnie got Bai Yun who is very similiar to him in terms of looks to take part in the drama and moaned about "Too bad we met so late". In the end, Bai Yun retorted "I think it's not late enough."

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