Friday, September 11, 2009

Digital single called "Human Human Human"

Park Kyung Lim has joined in on the celebrity trend of becoming a CEO of an online shopping mall - She recently opened an online shopping mall, New York Story, and uploaded model pictures of herself for her fall line.

Our favorite square-faced MC, who has been M.I.A for a little bit in the entertainment business, had became a mom to a healthy little boy in March. However, she has made a great transformation and her pro-pregnant body is toner and slimmer than her pre-pregnant body! She is said to have lost about 17kg from working out, because the results from her work-out really show!

With her new bangin' body, no one would believe that Park Kyung Lim is a mom! In fact, she looks even younger and oh so much hotter than before. Because of her new look, the clothes for her fall line look luring as well.

A insider of Park Kyung Lim reported that, "A month after breast-feeding, 10 kg was lost naturally. Afterwards, she watched what she ate and swam and was able to succeed her diet."

Along with her online shopping mall news, Park Kyung Lim has recently collaborated with famous composer Bang Shi Hyuk and released a digital single called "Human Human Human".

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