Friday, October 02, 2009

Lee Junki's new drama on November 18th

Having been seen more recently as a singer across Asia, many fans were wondering about when will we see Lee Junki as an actor again. Well, that wait will soon be over.

After performing in Taiwan on the 26th, which concluded his Asia tour, he arrived back in Korea on the 28th after promoting the launch of his new photo book on the 27th.

It seems like he's restless when it comes to work, for he joined the filming of his new drama without any breaks having been in three different countries in 3 days. He finished his first filming session with success by raising up the atmosphere with his banter. After all, Lee Junki has the reputation of being the "Clown" among his fellow actors.

Lee Junki will be making a return on TV as a role of a journalist, Jin Do Hyuk, for the new MBC Drama, Hero (temporary title).

In the story, Jin Do Hyuk is a man who has got nothing but just his passion and optimism towards his life as a "third-class" newspaper reporter. I don't know about you guys, but I don't think anyone besides Junki can digest such character. Kim Min Jung will play his love interest although she was the second choice after Han Ji Min dropped out due to personal reasons.

Lee Junki revealed after his filiming, "Although the holiday isn't that long, I hope all of you guys have a great Chuseok with your friends and family. May the happiness be with you." Aw, how thoughtful of him!

Lee Junki's new drama will unveil their first episode on November 18th, succeeding the current drama "Heading to the Ground" led by Yunho.

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