Saturday, November 28, 2009

Album Chart Weekly Rank

1. Landy Wen (溫嵐) and 'Dancing Queen' with 21.39% sales
2. Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) and 'LOVE Moments' (愛的時刻自選輯) with 17.91% sales
3. Shin (信) and 'While I' (趁我) with 11.44% sales (NEW!)
4. Rachel Liang (梁文音) and 'Love Has Always Been' (愛,一直存在) with 7.89% sales (NEW!)
5. Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) and 'Diamond Candy' (鑽石糖) with 3.34% sales
6. Ding Dang (丁噹) and ‘Night Cat’ (夜貓) with 2.64% sales
7. Genie Chuo (卓文萱) and '【1+1】Play n Fun' with 2.55% sales
8. Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) and 'Senses Around' (感官/世界) with 2.24% sales
9. Jade Liu (劉力揚) and 'Forward' (轉寄劉力揚) with 1.63% sales
10. Yao Yao (瑤瑤) and ‘Free Love’ (愛的抱抱) with 1.47% sales

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