Thursday, December 03, 2009

Chinese version of " High School Musical "

According to Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, November 22 -, "High School Musical" is from the Disney Channel launched a series of inspirational youth drama, it shows the U.S. high school students teamwork, brotherhood and so on. After the premiere in 2006, according to incomplete statistics, so far in the world's nearly one hundred countries and regions, the audience already has 300 million passengers. Derived therefrom, music, musical, clothes, souvenirs, etc., have formed a "High School Musical" industrial chain.

At the start ceremony, Disney, Eastern media, Huayi Brothers, said three Chinese version of "High School Musical" will maintain the authentic inspirational story, by telling the story of China's campus in order to dance to show the vitality of contemporary Chinese youth image, transmission good, good values, to build China's first large school youth.

Disney's film studio, senior vice president, Asia Pacific, said Yan extraordinary to find an entry point for Chinese elements to find a suitable local partner in China, is planning to enter the Chinese-language films in recent years, Disney's market, an important step.

Lei Wang, president of Huayi Brothers, said, Chinese-made films in recent years, rapid development, which not only reflected in the box office growth, but also need more types of film, many types of film, and further enrich the entire film market. Chinese version of "High School Musical" is such a subject just right.

Orient the media of the person in charge, said Yang Hong, and Disney, Huayi Brothers co-operation is a "wonderful cooperation," the effectiveness of cooperation would be "greater than the sum of the three three."

Chinese version of the movie "High School Musical," directed by Chen dispute, Zhang Jun Ning, Ma Zi-Han, Yuan Chengjie, Gu Xuan, Liu Yan Chen, and Ju and some other film starring newcomers. Film is expected to file in July 2010 summer release in the country.

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