Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Golden Melody Award next year

Jolin Tsai Yi Lin, Jam Hsiao Jing Teng, F.I.R, Khalil Fang Da Tong, Huang Hsiao Hu etc all belong to the Warner Music and has been confirmed to be not registering for the Golden Melody Award next year. The president of the Asian area Chen Ze Shan expressed "The problem with Golden Melody Award has not been settled for years. The categories are unclear and the judging isn't standardised. Thus, we will not be submitting any entries, an attempt to get the Government Information Office to focus on this issue."
He did not inform the singers though and when they heard of the news, they were all shocked, especially Huang Hsiao Hu and F.I.R who have not released any album for eight and two years respectively.

Warner Music has often been a Golden Melody Award winner. Jolin Tsai won Best Female Singer before, F.I.R and Huang Hsiao Hu are both Best Newcomers while Jam Hsiao and Khalil Fang has both been nominated. Chen Ze Shan revealed that they have a headache over registering each year. For example, should F.I.R be registered under "Band" or "Group" and the judging criteria varies every year. "When you win, you don't know what caused the win and when you lose, you have no idea why you lose."
After a month of deciding, he has decided to not take part in the competition. He's not degrading the Golden Melody Award but hoping to remind the Government Information Office to focus on the problem behind the pop music industry. Although singers are not going to be registering, they will be happy to attend and perform. Such a claim seems contradictory though.

Such a decision is a huge hit to Huang Hsiao Hu who just entered Warner Music. After she won the Best Newcomer, she has had no fate with the Golden Melody. Now that she's releasing another album, she hoped to fight the Golden Melody Award to clinch a Best Singer. Her manager Mou Zhong En expressed that "She's the biggest loser in this whole incident but the music company hopes for unity and we'll respect their decision."
F.I.R who is coming out with a new album soon is also shocked. Leader Chen Jian Ning couldn't help comment that "F.I.R has always been a band!" in respond to Chen Ze Shan's view that they have no idea whether they should register F.I.R as a band or group. Real (Ah Qin) also said "I felt that we had huge chances of winning next year!"

Jolin Tsai who's on vacation in Canada is still kept in the dark but her management company boss Ge Fu Hong has been actively supporting the Golden Melody Award for many years and her manager Wang Yong Liang said "Very shock but we'll respect the company's decision."
Jam Hsiao's manager Lin You Hui commented that "Whether he's registered for the Golden Melody Award will not affect the efforts that Jam puts into his singing."

Warner Music is not the first music company refusing to submit any entries. 10 years ago, music producer Yao Qian was under Virgin Records and had not taken part, causing Elva Hsiao and Melody Chiang Mei Qi to lose out the chance to fight for Best Newcomer. He resumed his involvement the year after. Yesterday, the Government Information Office expressed their regret over this but emphasized that in recent years, the judging process and nomination categories has been adjusted. They welcome those in the industry to offer their opinions.

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