Friday, December 04, 2009

Group 2AM and singer JOO comeback album next year

Group 2AM and singer JOO will have their comeback early next year.

Singer producer Park JinYoung wrote on JYP Entertainment’s official homepage on 2nd December talking about his own singer comeback as well as this piece of news.

He revealed that he is working on 2AM and JOO’s album currently. He said, “Early next year, 2AM and JOO whom everyone is waiting for will release their albums.”

He added, “Previously many thought that 2AM’s music style was a little monotonous, I’m working on this with the other producers currently and I hope that everyone will be a little more patient about their album. It will be a really satisfactory album since there are composers who are better than me working on the album.”

“As for JOO, even though she released an album a year back, due to her personal request for more training, the album is delayed. She has been training with the other trainee the past year. You will be shocked to hear her vocals capabilities.”

Meanwhile, Park Jin Young releases his new album on 1st December titled ‘Sad Freedom’ and is currently promoting the title song ‘No Love No More’.

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