Friday, December 04, 2009

Jay Chou and Lin Chi Ling will at Hong Kong to promote

In the movie "The Treasure Hunter", with the design of action director Tony Ching, Lin Chi Ling not only tries out being a fighting girl for the first time she also goes crazy fighting, in the movie she suddenly becomes "fierce", so much so that her opponent Jay Chou almost cannot handle it. In order to be even more into the performance, in one of the scenes where she goes crazy, Lin Chi Ling throws out all her usual cuteness, in front of everyone's eyes was a crazy woman that no one could have ever imagined. Chiling's full on performance even made Jay Chou say: "When filming this scene, it seemed like Chiling became someone else completely, I was really shocked by her. It was very crazy, I suddenly had a cold feeling in my heart!"

Jay Chou also revealed the fact that in order to get into the mood, before filming the scene, Lin Chi Ling sat alone at the side, on her face was a murderous look, no one dared to walk up to her, it was like you shouldn't walk close to a stranger, until they started filming this scene, everyone finally got to see Chiling's "crazy" performance like she was possessed, she hit and chased her opponent Jay Chou fiercely, just simply "crazy". Chiling on the other hand smiled saying she put a lot of effort into this time's breakthrough change of character, she spent the morning everyday practising kung fu, luckily Lin Chi Ling has the basics of dancing, so it wasn't so bad.

On other news, Jay Chou and Lin Chi Ling will be visiting Hong Kong on the 23rd to the 24th to promote their new movie.

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