Saturday, January 09, 2010

New movie series "The Season of Fate"

TVB's new series "The Season of Fate" held a promotional event yesterday. At the event (male lead) Roger Kwok indicated that he has not done a series with Esther Kwan (female lead) in many years, plus all the talented, established actors/actresses in the series, no doubt that the acting will be superb. Roger laughs and states: "this series was given the opportunity to air right before Chinese New Year, which means that people will be at home watching TV...therefore, I have a lot of confidence in the ratings (being good)."

When asked about her good friend Francis Ng's alleged assault case, Esther Kwan states: "Actually, both parties are strangers (to each other) and only happened to be in the same bakery at the same's an unfortunate random incident, if it gets taken to court, both parties will lose out.Wouldn't it be better then for the 2 parties to just come together and calmly talk about it?"

When asked if her daughter Brittany knows that her dad Nick Cheung has been winning awards (Movie King awards for "Beast Stalker"), Esther laughs and says: "yes, she knows. Whenever she sees the award statue in the house, she asks to play with it. Now every time Nick isn't home, she will ask: 'Is Daddy out getting another award?'"

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