Monday, April 05, 2010

E.U won "Top 10 TV Programmes"

Started out as a singer and regarded as Hong Kong's "little pop queen" Elanne Kong has been having a blossoming career lately where her duet with Sha Baoliang was nominated to one of GuangZhou's Asia Game songs. A few days ago, depending on her role in TVB series she was chosen by the Hong Kong media at the as the most promising female artist.

At the , Elanne received the award from Miriam Yeung, which was quite interesting. With TVB as the starting point, Miriam stepped into the battle on all three fields (music, television and film), she has shown great talent, good acting skills and a positive attitude which got her lots of supportive fans. This time, Miriam presenting the award to Elanne has indicated that the Hong Kong media and audience agrees to Elanne's positive and hopeful development in her 3 years in the industry since her debut. Winning this award, Elanne expressed her happiness, she is extremely honored to have received this award and that the public likes her. This gives room for development in her acting career and she hopes to be like her senior Miriam Yeung, providing positive and relaxing entertainment to audience.

New series with the cast
Also successfully won "Top 10 TV Programmes", ranking in 4th place. Elanne represented the series in accepting the award, she said that it is that gave her interest in acting and even today she's still enjoying people calling by her character name "Kong Yau Yau", "Pirated Girl". Also, Elanne reveals that the original cast of will soon be starting a new ancient series, she will also participate in this series. She will be playing as a couple with Laughing Gor (Michael Tse).

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