Monday, April 05, 2010

Upcoming drama "Tsuki no Koibito ~Moon Lovers~"

Lots of Chinese Kimura Takuya (37) fans had the chance to see him, Lin Chi-ling (35) and some other actors of the upcoming dorama "Tsuki no Koibito ~Moon Lovers~" during the filming in Shanghai yesterday, and they sure did.

That day they've filmed various scenes of Kimura attending some kind of official event for his company as well as the encounter between his and Lin's character, a woman from the slums who is making a living as a factory worker. She looked really exhausted with her messed up hair while sitting on the street crying without any shoes.

Lin had to run after the Kimura's limousine like that 10 times until the director finally was satisfied with the scene. She probably already had blisters on her feet, but the staff was kind enough to give her massages during the breaks. The fans near the scene were worried about her as well and asked her if she hurt her feet, but she replied that they are only tired.

The scenes were filmed near the shopping district of Shanghai and hundreds of fans showed up after hearing that Kimura would be in town as well. The staff had their hands full trying to keep all the excited fans from disturbing the filming. However, neither of them nor Kimura seemed to be annoyed be the fans. The Chinese media even praised him and the crew for their polite interaction with the public during that day.

Several other actors including Matsuda Shota (24) and Kitagawa Keiko (23, in a panda costume ) were spotted at the sets as well.

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