Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Stephy Tang new album "Music Cafe"

Yesterday Stephy Tang attended the autograph session for her new album . She sang two songs on stage and played games with the fans. During the time, one fan gave her flowers, while another fan gave her a chef's hat. The chef's hat is suppose to represent Alex Fong's gift to her because Alex hosted for before.

Towards fans really accepting the Alex and Stephy pair? She said: "Yes! Fans online even told me to marry and have kids with him." Would she accept the suggestion to marry Alex? She said: "The current focus is on my career, I never thought about marriage." She said that she has worked with Alex way too much, it feels kind of tiring now. Initially she didn't want to work with Alex anymore, but Fans really like the pairing, so she and her company are prepared to go down the direction on collaborating with Alex again.

She will soon be releasing a dance album, will she be square dancing with Alex? She said: "A good suggestion because he's not very good at dancing, his arms and legs don't coordinate well. Alex and I have the same dance instructor, so can pull him along for dance lessons."

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