Monday, April 05, 2010

New film "Break Up Club"

After Fiona Sit and Jaycee Chan broke up, the two attended new film premiere. It was their first attendance to an event after the break up, the two took pictures together with huge smiles, looks like they weren't embarrassed at all. Fiona said: "Help sell the movie name? I am not embarrassed!"

Fiona expressed that she's still friends with Jaycee. Although he's not in Hong Kong often, they have always kept in touched through MSN. Asked if Jaycee used MSN to invite her out? She said: "We are both very busy, no time to meet up." Has she used MSN to introduce her Taiwanese female friends to Jaycee? She said: "No! It's not because I'm afraid of embarrassment that I don't ask him, it's just that I don't want to ask. This is his personal life, just like I don't like friends asking me about my personal life. Also, we are just friends, we have never dated." If she doesn't admit to the relationship, is she not afraid that she'll end up being like "Ah Sa-Ronald", first discovering the relationship and then announcing the marriage then divorce? Fiona explained: "We never dated, it is not my business." She expressed that if she has a boyfriend, she will not deliberately say so.

On the poster, their legs are entangled in an intimate position, are their intimate scenes within the movie? Fiona said: "That is not the selling point, but I was very into character, the performance isn't too bad."

Jaycee has not been in Hong Kong for half a year, he expressed that he's not embarrassed seeing Fiona again.

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