Monday, April 05, 2010

'Sammi Cheng Love Mi World Tour' concert

Hong Kong's most beloved singing diva Sammi Cheng grooved, crooned, and danced her heart out in a one-night only concert

She made headlines last year for her battle with depression and notorious mood swings on set, but Sammi Cheng has since stepped out of her past, and appeared only happier and stronger than before.

In a one-night only full-house 'Sammi Cheng Love Mi World Tour' concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night, the veteran Hong Kong actress-singer pulled out all stops and brought forth a flawless performance to the 9000-strong crowd.

Basking in the happiness of her newfound faith, a ravishing Sammi appeared to be positively glowing and had a cherubic smile hanging on her face the entire time. It seems like the 37-year-old has made a return to her prime years and heydays of being the Queen of Cantopop, with nary a figment of her depressive past.

Throughout the concert, Sammi was like an energizer bunny which bopped around and shuttled to-and-fro the stage to interact with exhilarated fans. She thrilled the audience with her strong vocals and discotheque medley of English retro hits like 'I Will Survive', 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', 'Conga', while shaking and grooving to the rhythmic beat of the music.

A one-of-a-kind stage performer, the svelte one sported a total of 9 outfits -- from outrageous to glamourous, and leotards to sequined outfits -- throughout the entire two-hour long concert. At one point while crooning to an old Chinese love ballad titled 'Just Like Your Tenderness' by the late Teresa Teng, tears were glistening in Sammi's eyes as she shared, "Whenever I think of the topic of 'love', I'll think of this song."

Apart from guest performers like Singaporean jazz singer Tan Hanjin, and MC Jing, the highlight of Sammi's Love-Mi concert was when she jived to a medley of her hit dance tracks like 'Exclusive Song Test' and 'Everyone is a Superstar'. In that explosive segment, Sammi rocked the stage with her new lean and muscular physique, and drove the crowd into a wild frenzy with her showmanship and exuberant dance moves.

Unlike her other concerts, the Hong Kong artiste had a little surprise installed for local concertgoers when she came back for not only one, but two encores. Decked out in a chic red frock for her final encore, Sammi expressed her love and final goodbyes while belting out to 'Forever Beautiful', as she left the crowd mesmerized with her velvety vocals for the night.

It's true folks. The Queen of Cantopop has got her mojo back.

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