Monday, May 03, 2010

promotional event

Yesterday Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong and Queenie Chu attended the promotional event. They played rock climbing and jumping into canvas from the air. When Ada jumped into the canvas, she accidentally injured her nose. She was in so much pain that her tears immediately came rolling down, but she laughed: "Scraped my nose a little. (Then you'll have to get it fix?) Luckily I'm a natural born beauty, proves that chin and nose are real!"

Speaking of Netizens saying that her acting in is exaggerated, Ada explained: "I have heard people saying that, but there are also a lot of people that said they disliked my HK girl personality. I hope audience watch the series in a happy mood!" Ada also admitted that she's a HK girl herself: "I am a Hong Kong girl and was once a Miss Hong Kong representative! (What qualities do you have?) I am full of confidence, I just feel that I'm really good! (Are you not afraid of embarrassment?) Not to the point of not fair of embarrassment." Speaking of the series copying several movies and other series (committed "7 crimes"), Ada said: "Superheroes, if not male then it's a female, or if not cat then it's dog. As for this series, it talks about me as a "HK Girl" going out to bully the typical "HK Boy". I don't think my costume is a copy of Maggie Cheung's character in , we both have different elements."

Moses Chan said that he knows that the series is getting a good number of hits by Netizens: "I am not too worried about the TV ratings. (How about being said to have copied other movies?) I played around with my costume several times, the outcome gives a feeling of a weird doctor. However, there is absolutely no copied elements." It was also Kenny Wong's birthday, the cast celebrated with them by giving kisses.

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