Monday, May 03, 2010

Jacky Cheung Private Corner Mini-Concert

Day before yesterday, Jacky Cheung held his mini-concert at Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Jockey Auditorium. After he came out on stage, Jacky jokingly told the audience: “Since this is a ‘mini’ concert, hope you don’t expect it to be long.”

In addition to singing songs from his new album , as well as a few songs from other artists such as Sam Hui and Deanie Yip, Jacky also sang a few of his own hits from previous years such as <李香蘭>, <離開以後>,<祝福>, using jazz-style music. The mini-concert lasted only an hour and half, however with the audience’s warm applause and chants of ‘Encore’, Jacky came back on stage to sing a few more songs. Before he left the stage, Jacky addressed the audience: “Of course, a ‘mini-concert’ is not going to last 3 ½ hours like usual, however in the very near future, I will be seeing all of you again, as I will be having another concert soon.”

During an interview after the show, Jacky stated: “I’m the type who needs a long time to warm up – with the concert time being so short, I should start warm up an hour earlier or else by the time I’m done warming up, the concert will be over!” Jacky indicated that the reason why he chose to hold this mini-concert at HK Polytechnic University is because he wanted to change things up a little and give the audience a different type of feel. Asked about whether his upcoming concert would be ‘jazz-themed’ as well, Jacky replied: “Probably! Since I just returned to Hong Kong from Shanghai a couple days ago, I will be meeting with Florence Chan this week to discuss the details of the concert. As for when the concert will take place? Probably at the end of the year…need to also coordinate with everyone’s schedules.”

Jacky also indicated that there are a lot of people in Shanghai right now, so he is not planning on taking his daughters to see the World Expo at the moment. As for Hong Kong government leader Secretary of Finance John Tsang Chun-Wah coming to watch him perform, Jacky expressed that he is very grateful.

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