Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Dong Cheng Wei" release new album

Rock band "Dong Cheng Wei" have been lying low for 5 years but yesterday they finally released their new "Dong Cheng Wei Mini Album". Their good friend and former bandmate Jiro Wang also came to support them, he not only used his own money to buy 200 copies of the album but also gave them 4 big radishes to bring them good luck and successful start. The members were all very touched and carried him like a newlywed bride.

Dong Cheng Wei is a rock band consisting of 4 members: lead vocalist Jie (also rhythm guitarist), leader Xiu (guitarist), bass guitarist Deng and drummer Meng. They have waited 5 years to release this album and expressed, "We've waited a long time for this day, it's really corny for men to say sensitive words but we really appreciate this opportunity and we hope that more people will listen to our music now that our album is released."

All four members of Dong Cheng Wei acted in idol dramas "K.O. One" and "The X-Family", their loyal fans span across all of Taiwan and Hong Kong; yesterday they held an event at XiMenDing for their album release, all four members carried a "chewing gum prop box" but they were really selling their new album, leader Xiu said, "All long as we can sell our album using legal methods we are willing to go for it." They managed to attract 500 fans to come and support them, at once the albums were sold out and they had to rush to other stores to get more stock.

Of course, their good friend Jiro Wang had to come to witness this moment, he specially got some free time off work and carried 4 radishes to the location and when everyone looked confused, Da Dong laughed saying, "I thought about it for a really long time, I can't just give you guys cash so I've decided to give Dong Cheng Wei these radishes for good luck, I hope that the album is a success and you make lots of sales." "Dong Cheng Wei Mini Album" was released yesterday.

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