Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stephen Chan hosting new radio program

Currently not working for TVB, originally Stephen Chan is set to host new radio program《生死之交.陳志雲》on the 18th on Commercial Radio. He even invited Connie Chan Po Chu as guest for his first episode. However, the program is suddenly put on hold indefinitely. It's know because Stephen is still TVB's employee, hosting for Commercial Radio is working for two companies, TVB has to stop this attempt! But another saying is related to ICAC. TVB's external affairs director Tseng Shin Ming replied: "Mr. Chan notified TVB earlier that he would do this program. TVB's reply to him is it's not suitable at the moment." Commercial Radio released a statement yesterday, saying due to Stephen Chan's personal reason, the program would delay the broadcast.

In addition, Amigo Chui went back to TV city yesterday to host "The Scoop." Currently 130lbs, Amigo lost 15lbs compared to before. He frankly said he has mixed feelings of resuming work. If in the future he has a chance to report Elizabeth Kwong's news, he won't be embarrassed. This time returning to TVB, he didn't meet with high executives to talk about other jobs. He would host "The Scoop" for a day every week temporarily and he hopes to film TV series. As for Stephen's program is put on hold, Amigo said he doesn't know too much about it.

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