Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mr. Hong Kong 2010 on August 21

Mr. Hong Kong 2010 would be held in August 21. TVB picked 10 Mr. HK contestants from 29 people who came to interview. Yesterday the 10 contestants were arranged to meet with TVB's high executives. But the quality among the contestants varied. Sam, who has many pimples on his face successfully made into the next round, and is supported by Ho Lai Chun, who said it's easy to get rid of acne. TVB would also increase production fee, providing 3D effect for viewers to enjoy Mr. HK contestants in swimwear and getting wet. It would even arrange viewers to enjoy the 3D effect in theaters and mall.

During interviewing, "sunshine Eric Suen" Angus Yip and Mr. Asia 2005 runner-up William Chak made into round of 10 successfully. Specially tanned himself, Angus seems more sunshine than before. Although photos of him taking off his shirt are exposed from Facebook, but he said he hasn't delete his account yet. William is said he looks like Michael Miu. Asked whether he is confident in winning? He said: "Depends on fate, no much confidence." When requested to pose a Michael Miu pose to take pictures, he said embarrassingly: "Don't play me lar!"

The youngest contestant (18 years old) Argus seemed reserved. He doesn't know how to pose and black-faced because he doesn't know what to do. In contrast, 20-year-old Michael from Vancouver changed a lot compared to last time during interview. Besides answering all questions, he also gave reporters an Edison-style smile. Lee Yin Gong from Malaysia tried to win good impression from female reporters with his electrified eyes.

Ho Lai Chun expressed the reason why there are only 10 Mr. Hong Kong contestants is because they won't divide them into youth and maturity groups anymore. Age ranges from 18 to 35 years old. Besides looking at their looks, they would also stress on performance, so that's why among the contestants there are performers from Mainland TV station and gym teachers. Many also have fundamentals in kungfu. Several of them even know wing-chun.

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