Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Faye Wong 2010 Concert

Five years since her last concert, Faye Wong will be returning to the stage for 10 shows in Beijing and Shanghai as part of her 'Faye Wong 2010 Concert'. Promotional posters for her concerts were released yesterday. The organizers also announced ticket prices. While the most expensive tickets are going for $2,500 RMB in Beijing, that hasn't deterred Faye fans from purchasing tickets. In fact, all the tickets were sold out in 10 minutes!

Making her comeback this October, Faye will be holding concerts at the Wukesong Culture and Sports Center in Beijing and at the Shanghai World Expo Cultural Center in Shanghai for a total of 10 shows. Her Beijing concert dates are October 29-31 and November 5-6; Shanghai dates are November 19-20 and November 26-28. Ticket prices were announced yesterday, with the most expensive selling for $2,500 RMB, while the cheapest is at $300 RMB. Prices in the middle fall within four categories of $500, $1,000, $1,500 and $2,000 RMB. Ticket prices are more reasonable than what was earlier speculated. Many believed tickets would cost an average of $1,000 RMB.

Tickets for her Beijing shows began selling yesterday. Once the news broke out, Faye fans immediately flooded the phone lines. The $2,500 and $300 RMB tickets were sold out in 10 minutes. Based on the experience, the ticketing agency has promised to double the staff on hand to handle tickets sales for Faye's Shanghai concerts.

As well, the official promotional poster was released yesterday. Faye appears wearing a headpiece made from yellow feathers, resembling a hawk. She also wears a red poncho. Her style is very unique and avant garde. TiTi Kwan, who is Faye's image consultant, says the look is inspired by Qi Baishi's painting, Morning Glory. The poster is very simple and direct and shows off Faye's inner personality. While the poster is very captivating, Faye hopes that concert goers will not be focusing their attention on the stage design or the artistry. "I feel like I need to emphasize what's important. Music will be the main focus. The costumes or the stage design will not be the selling point. It won't be good if it's too over the top! I want to create something that can last for one or two shows. We don't necessarily have to make money from this. It will be a simple concert. Everyone coming will be expecting to hear music. It won't be fancy, maybe I won't even have make up on!" From the song selection to the stage setup, Faye has taken part in all the preparations for her upcoming shows. Faye expressed that she has prepared a selection of classics to sing, including 'Wishing We Last Forever, 'Red Bean', 'I'm Willing', as well as new songs like 'Legend' and 'You Lan Cao'.

It has been reported that Faye will be earning $6,500,000 RMB from the concerts. Faye will be donating $500,000 to the Smile Angel Foundation, which was established by her and her husband, Li Yapeng, to help kids suffering from cleft palate. The organizers have stated they will target fraud and prevent scalpers from inflating the ticket prices to protect the best interests of the fans.

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