Friday, September 10, 2010

KH Stars-Ring Ding Dong

SM Entertainment speaks up officially about a Cambodian boyband who has been labeled as the ‘copy group’ to SHINee.

A video titled ‘KH Stars-Ring Ding Dong’ has been uploaded online on Youtube recently. In the video, a 5-member Cambodian boygroup singing and dancing to SHINee’s hit song ‘Ring Ding Dong’. Even though the group tries to follow the song through MR and the signature dance moves, the quality of their performance is different from SHINee’s.

Regarding this, SM Entertainment announced on 7th September, “We have not heard anything from anyone in Cambodia about using ‘Ring Ding Dong’. We are currently in the midst of contacting officials from Cambodia and confirming details, after which we will respond with legal actions.”

Meanwhile, SHINee is set to perform in Cambodia coming February.

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