Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fala Chen attend to a cosmetics conference

Fala Chen attended to a cosmetics brand press conference. She expressed she has been shooting dramas nonstop recent years, causing her first wrinkle to appear in between her brows. "Because I always frown, so the wrinkle is in between my eye brows. This is a sign of aging, and TVB gives this to me. It's hard to accept it, but still have to accept it. There is no time to take care of my skin usually. Sleeping is already my best facial care. Now I would start to pay more attention to it." Asked whether boyfriend concerns about skincare? She said, "Actually guys should pay attention to skincare, too. I will tell him about it. But he doesn't really care."

Talked about billionaire Lee Shau-Kee is planning to buy TVB with 9 billion HKD, Fala expressed she heard about this news. Whether she bought TVB stocks and earned money? She said she started to buy TVB stocks when she entered TVB because she is confident in her company. She would respect and support any decision made by Run Run Shaw, who is the chairman of TVB.

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