Thursday, September 30, 2010

Michelle Ye is the next Hong Kong movie queen ?

Succeeding Maggie Cheung who first becomes spokesperson for luxury car, popular celebrity Michelle Ye is now the new favorite of the luxurious brand. The day before, the grand launching ceremony of the Audi brand in Hangzhou saw the presence of Michelle Ye who became the highlight of the event.

Returning to her hometown Hangzhou, Michelle was in a short blue Ferragamo dress and appeared elegantly feminine. Michelle Ye and her dynamic image as well as elegance perfectly represented the car's elegance, dynamic as well as unique technology.

Michelle Ye's acting career is recently propelling upwards, and is actively involved in charity events as well, building a healthy image. With her fluent English, she becomes the target of international brands. She portrays the diligence and striving spirit and is rich with social responsibilities, fulfilling the Audi's customers' demand. The president of the brand expressed, the car represents a beautiful concept, with leading technologies and is aligned with newly honored HKFA winner Michelle Ye's career and her attitude towards her work. Thus, he invited Michelle Ye to become the spokesperson for the vent and will have long term collaboration with her.

It is revealed that the industry has high expectation of Michelle Ye to emerge the next Hong Kong movie queen. She is currently busy filming a new movie with Johnny To, with the entire same filming crew and is much anticipated.

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