Friday, October 08, 2010

22nd Most Outstanding Dressed Awards Ceremony (第廿二屆傑出衣着人士頒獎典禮)

Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association held the 22nd Most Outstanding Dressed Awards Ceremony (第廿二屆傑出衣着人士頒獎典禮) . Last night, the ceremony was held in Shanghai, Leo Ku and Bernice Liu were among the Top 10 winners.

Bernice appeared in an all black Chinese style outfit and was quite attractive. With her good body figure, she is able to carry out many different types of fashion, and she feels very lucky. Asked if its because she has the figure that she is able to carry out sexy clothing? she said: "Well if have the clothes, then should have the body figure for it to work." As if she wants to get an award with Moses Chan? She generously complimented that Moses has good taste when it comes to clothing, she said: "He dresses pretty okay because he started off as a model. (Normally, do you two discuss what you know about fashion?) Usually it's me who asks him. (What part of his body figure is beautiful?) He changes really fast. For his height, he can carry out Western brands. (Does he look good in swimwear?) I haven't seen."

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